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Data center and equipment:

At present the ProstoHosting LL company has two server sites located in Kyiv and Nikolayev, both sites are compliant with the Tier IV norms of the TIA 942 standard.

The servers are 1Gb connected to the Ukrainian ua-ix traffic exchange point and by priority connections to some large Ukrainian Internet providers which ensures the minimal number of intermediary hosts.

The zonal cooling system is used with the components reserved according to the N+1 scheme. The DPC uses the power supply of the first category with two independent ports of the power supply inputs. At the DPC in Mykolaiv the power supply of the first category with three independent inputs is used.

In addition to the general backup power system, our company uses its own uninterruptible power supply units for each server installation with the performance reserve of around 30 minutes.

For provision of the web-hosting services, lease of dedicated servers and VPS, we use the telecommunication equipment of such producers as Linksys, Cisco, Zyxel, Intel.

Our partners

Datagroup is the leading telecommunication operator of complex services of fixed telephony on the Ukrainian market.
Domain names registar.