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PROSTO.HOST Hosting provider

The "ProstoHosting" LLC company was founded in 2004 as a project for provision of the Internet services to small and medium businesses. 

The scope of activity includes such services as hosting, domain names registration, virtual servers and lease of dedicated servers. We also offer to our clients the related services: administration, development of web-sites and software, registration of the AS autonomous systems and the address space of PI/PA addresses. 

At present our company operates on the markets of Ukraine and Russia. All equipment is located on the technical sites with the certificates not lower than tier III or close to this standard.

The company carries out a strict selection of personnel employing the specialists with the work experience at least 10 years as well as the Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle certified specialists. 

The majority of the equipment we use is built on the basis of Intel, HP, SuperMicro platforms. The telecommunication equipment we use includes isco, Zuxel, Planet.

The ProstoHosting company is a division within the group of companies incorporating telecommunication projects as well as other projects related to the Internet technologies.

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