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SSD Hosting in europe

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Plan XS S L M XL
Websites 1 3 5 10
Disk 1 Gb
4 Gb
8 Gb
20 Gb
40 Gb
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Databases MySQL
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Free domain -
Personal IP - -
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Price usd. :
1 month - - - 6.44 10.76
3 month
(6% Sale)
- 10.61 13.05 18.16 30.34
6 month
(14% Sale)
13.94 19.01 23.89 33.23 55.52
12 month
(20% Sale)
27.97 usd. 35.46 usd. 44.51 usd. 61.83 usd. 103.29 usd.
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Virtual hosting

Its known that without a quality hosting (like without any other) your site wont be able to gladden the eye of a hundred of thousands of visitors. But to make the web-pages created by you available 24/7 and each information byte seen and heard by the Internet residents, its necessary to approach a question of the choice of a hosting seriously. If you came here, youre already half-way to the success and heres why.

The ProstoHosting company provides the services of site hosting in Ukraine since 2004 using the advanced technologies to ensure uninterrupted supply. During the time of our hard but diligent work on hosting sites we have gained extensive experience, loyal clients who trust us with their web-projects being confident in the high quality of our services.

Without being ashamed, we can state that we provide a cheap hosting which, in comparison to the service quality, turns into the best hosting of the kind. You can make sure of the above mentioned right now through buying a hosting in the Order section or just by clicking the price tag of a tariff which suits you most.

Hosting in Europe is good because the sites hosted in Ukraine automatically enter 
the UA-IX, EU-IX zone which allows these sites loading for only a few seconds.

All tariffs of virtual hosting include the service of backup copy; sites copies are stored for 3 days.