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Rent ipv4 address

Here you can rent IPv4 addresses / 24/23/22/21 for hosting servers.

We lease IP (IPv4) addresses for use in accordance with RIPE rules. Addresses are allocated to your organization or person. The possibilities of renting (temporary use) of IP addresses or blocks of IP addresses can be different. The rental price includes support and maintenance of these facilities in the RIPE database, assistance and advice in the use of the RIPE database and facility management. Objects are appointed within the framework of the contract, guaranteeing the provision of services and the possibility of using the objects at a specified time.

Also you can rent IP adreses with subnets uses with one of dedicated server configurations

Subnet 1 month rent price
Subnet 8 IP 16$/month
Subnet 16 IP 30$/month
Subnet 32 IP 51$/month
Subnet 64 IP 83$/month
Subnet 128 IP 128$/month
Subnet /24 (256 IPs) 250$/month
Subnet /23 (512 IPs) 500$/month
Subnet /22 (1024 IPs) 1000$/month
Subnet /21 (2048 IPs) 2000$/month

Regarding the lease of ip addresses contact support